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ACCEPTABLE USE OF THE SFTC IT and communications SYSTEMS – Employees' private/personal use

As a concession, employees’ limited and reasonable personal use of the SFTC IT and communications facilities is permitted provided that such use:

Personal use should normally be undertaken in non-working time e.g. at lunchtime or before/after normal working hours. Very limited, occasional personal use during normal working time will be tolerated - e.g. to respond briefly to an incoming personal e-mail or telephone call. However, spending significant amounts of work time making personal use of the internet, e-mail, telephone, etc is not acceptable and may lead to disciplinary action. This applies particularly to employees who are members of flexi schemes, where the SFTC is entitled to expect that when the employee is “clocked in” he/she will be working.

Before undertaking personal use, all staff should ask themselves the following questions.

Personal use should not be undertaken if the answer to any of these questions is yes.

Responsibility for ensuring that any personal use is acceptable rests with the individual. Staff should seek guidance from their line manager if they have any doubts concerning the acceptability of their personal use. If any doubt still remains, then that form of personal use should not be undertaken.